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Help and Resources for Dog Training, Care, and Adoption. Plus, Labrador-Specific links, shelter animals, Pet Friendly hotel and housing directories, even how to include your animal companions in your will!

If you ever feel, "My Dog is Impossible!" please look through these links.


Bob Minchella - Dog trainer since 1986
Upstate K-9 - Police Work, Search and Rescue Training, Schutzhund, Scent Detection, Behavioural Training
K-9 Healers - Dog Obedience and Pet Therapy Training
DOTCORNY - Dog Obedience Club of Rochester, NY
Animal Behavior Specialists, Inc. - Eight Rochester area locations
Brody's Boot Camp - School For Your Canine Kids
Companions For Life - Joel Silverman's site
Dog Educated - East Rochester, NY
ProFormance K-9s - Marion, NY
Best in Paws - North Chili, NY
Positive K9 Training - Walworth, NY
Wags To Rich's - Canine Behavior Training


Bringing Your New Dog Home - Tips, Training Advice, and Supplies for your new family member
Kids and Dog Bites - Teach your children to avoid dog bites
Teaching Kids To Say Goodbye - Teaching children what they will experience when your pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge
What is a Puppy Mill? - Responsible vs. Irresponsible Dog Breeding
Before Boarding - What to know before boarding your dog


Abuse - Tips and Links for Dealing with Abused, Neglected, or Low Confidence Dogs, plus common issues seen in Rescue Dogs
Doggie Discrimination - MSNBC Article - Big, black dogs are often the last to be adopted from animal shelters — a phenomenon known in pet rescue circles as "black dog syndrome."
10 Reasons to Adopt a Black Dog!


Dog Food Advisor - Saving good dogs from bad food


Pets are Welcome - Nice link through Lollypop Farm
Pets Welcome - Pet Friendly Hotels and Places to Travel - Directory of Pet Friendly Apartments and Housing across the US - you don't have to give up your pet!


Can I Keep My Pet After All? - A must-read article.


Labrador Lifeline - Created to provide financial assistance for purebred Labrador Retrievers in need. PLEASE DONATE - They need your help!


FREE TO A GOOD HOME - Web article. Free is never free. If you ever wondered why legitimate rescues must charge fees, this article will tell you what happens to animals given away. "Bunchers," Animal testing, baiting for dog fights, breeder mills...
Lost/Found Dog Flyer - From Create a flyer for a lost or found dog. It's a good idea to do this BEFORE it actually happens.